Pennies Forest School draws on decades of good practice within the sector, combining the use of the natural environment as a classroom for activities based on skills, cooperation, exploration, and adventure. Children learn about plants, animals, and their own abilities and – unique to Pennies in the local area – are also able to earn awards as part of the YUNGA (Youth and United Nations Global Awareness) scheme. Activities take account of changing seasons with planting, investigation of growing plants, spotting of different animals and birds and leaving food for animals all becoming part of children's learning about the cycles of nature.

Some (but certainly not all!) of the many fun activities we will do include: Building and cooking on a fire, adventure walks, using a variety of tools such as bow saws and hammers and many more...

Tool Based

Making charcoal and ink
Wooden animals
Creating a campfire
Knots and ropes
Building shelters

Arts & Crafts

Loose parts play - conkers, pine cones, leaves and sticks
Mud play
Sun art – sun bunting and prints with leaves


Tree climbing
Adventure course
Construction activities

Numeracy, Literature and Science

Counting rope and pebble
problem solving
Exploring the natural habitat of
the forest creatures
Shadow exploration


Ice lanterns, ice decorations and ice marbles
Snow brick shelters
Snow painting
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