Frequently Asked Questions

How is forest school different to simply visiting a natural environment?
Listed and recognised forest schools base their work on activities established in the UK from 1993 and plan their work around sessions of at least two hours, held throughout the entire year. Our setting will run from 8am – 6pm.
Is every activity held outside?
Our forest school uses built shelters which are available as a base area for some activities and as a refuge in extreme weather, but most activities at all times of year take place in the forest.
What do you do if it rains?
We put our hoods up and keep playing! The only weather we would stop for is lighting or high winds.
What do you eat?
Take a look at our Forest School Menu here.
Where will the children go to the toilet?
Within the forest there will be multiple composting toilets which will be in a sheltered and wind proof exterior.
Who runs forest school?
To be recognised as an official forest school we employ qualified forest school leaders with experience of the specific challenges of running this area of education, Pennies Forest School is a separate operation, managed within the Pennies group.
Other than learning about the environment, what else makes forest school special?
The experience of forest school is particularly effective in helping children build confidence, and in promoting positive experiences of mental health. Information on this is readily available and can be found in places like the website of the Forest School Association.
What makes Pennies Forest School different to others in the local area?
There are other forest schools available but Pennies – unique to our local area – combines staff registered with the Forest School Association (FSA) and the chance to achieve awards offered by YUNGA (Youth and United Nations Global Alliance).
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